Geniux Reviews – Don’t Buy Before You See Side Effects

UPDATE: We recommend Formula Focus instead of Geniux. Why? Is simple. Same effects as geniux but with a better price. Why pay more? lol

Hi there, Mark here. I will present you below my personal story with Geniux Brain Boost since I was curious to see if this is a scam or a quality supplement like those from GNC for example. Actually I tried to make a short Geniux review considering the price of this brain boost pill, the side effects, ingredients and of course the benefits(if any) lol. Beside that, all the other geniux reviews I read all over the internet didn’t convinced me. The real limitless pill? Yeah, right.

Over the years, it has been proven that it is possible to improve your mental concentration. There are a ton of mental enhancement games and tasks, and the field of research is highly active. However, games and tasks are not the only tools that can sharpen your mind. Supplements can do that as well.  Ever since I heard of this, I began to look for a brain-boosting supplement that works(similar with geniux). Of course, I tried the first product I could lay my hands on. Followed the instructions to the latter, but there wasn’t a tinge. Nothing!

I passed it off as an unlucky purchase. Certainly, there had to be snake-oil variants, and I clearly had taken one. I did more research before buying the second one, I bought it and I used it – still nothing! Several months and a couple hundreds of dollars down the line, I began to lose faith in the possibility of finding a brain supplement that actually works.

With every failed try, I grew more skeptical. Surely, the possibility exists that the mental process can be enhanced by supplements.

It then dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I had been searching at the wrong places. I had been drawn to try products that were no better than placebos with sweeteners mixed in, because of sleazy marketing. I began to check the websites I had purchased supplements from, the sales talk, the reviews and other related information.

After checking these, I found out that I had been handing my hard-earned money to charlatan websites and companies that simply rode the wave. To them, brain supplements were just another way to rip off unsuspecting buyers.

I had been unsuspecting for too long. If I wanted to find an effective supplement, I had to enhance and then turn on my ‘scam radar’ to detect these scam websites and companies from a mile off.

On one hand, I was disappointed about the wasted time and money: On the other hand, I felt more certain I was finally onto something.

Was Geniux another scam brain supplement? Was I finally onto something? Was Geniux the brain supplement I have been waiting for? Will I finally be able to strike another listing off my bucket list?

Let me walk you through how I weighed the pros and cons of Geniux and what my overall experience with this product was like. Basically, you will read my geniux review and also what exactly I experienced during this period.

geniux pill risk free

What is in Geniux? Geniux Ingredients! Anyone?

One of the lessons I have learned after checking countless websites and sales content of brain supplements is that it is very important to read the lines carefully. Also, it is just as important to take the content you read with a grain of salt.

When I scanned through their entire sales page and did not see any mention of the “wonder” geniux ingredients that supposedly made the product “great,” my fraud alarm went off. I will be fair though, it is a bit of a gamble to provide the ingredients to a product that may not have been patented. Competitors have prying eyes and critics can actually make a big fuss about a substance they know very little about.

Understandably, both are bad for business. But not having an ingredient at all is an extreme that did not seem right. I certainly wanted to research the ingredients to verify if they were safe for consumption.

According to their official site Geniux ingredients are 100% natural and pure. This sounded like another piece of exaggerated sales-y punchline with nothing to back their claims. Nonetheless, I held off, refusing to judge the entire product solely based on the controversial exclusion of ingredients on their info page.

Can Geniux Team Identify The Problem They Plan On Solving?

By no means am I mentally challenged. Nor am I looking for a magic brain booster to help me get a 2400 point SAT score. So, if a sales page was making outrageous promises while not being able to identify the problem they plan on combating, then I had no reason to stay on that page.

Unlike the many obviously fraudulent websites that did exactly as I described in the previous paragraph, Geniux went full length to explain the problem they were trying to combat. The Geniux brain supplement was designed to stop brainpower loss.

In fact, starting out, Geniux pointed out that loss of brainpower was not actually a problem. It is a perfectly normal phenomenon, which virtually everyone experiences as the years count by.

According to available information, humans begin to experience a steady loss of brainpower from as early as 20 years of age. The consequences of this loss include:

  1. Amnesia (forgetfulness)
  2. Memory loss
  3. Difficulty in maintaining concentration
  4. Less energy
  5. Lack of motivation
  6. Low mental performancegeniux banner

On average, this sudden considerable loss of sharpness and brainpower begins at about the age of 25. Eventually, between age 25 and 70, an average person would have lost about 60% of his or her mental focus.

Currently, slowing down or even attempting to reverse the process requires other indeterminate solutions, a special “brain” diet. Or maybe a product like Geniux Pill.

According to Geniux website, this Brain Boost Supplement has the following benefits:

  1. Boost Energy: Claims by Geniux maintain that you will notice a boost in energy beginning when you take the drink until you go to bed. Accordingly, it would help you stay focused all day.
  2. Memory Enhancement: Memory recall is a brain function that appears to wane as we age. However, by taking Geniux supplement, Geniux contend that memory recall is bound to increase. A study that attempts to prove these assertions showed significant increase in short term memory recall and marked increase in long-term memory recall in both genders across 2 age ranges, 20 to 30, and 40 to 65.
  • Improved Well-Being and Health: Numerous studies already show a link between not taking care of your brain and a number of age-related health problems. The explanation follows that since the brain controls the biological processes of the body, keeping it healthy indirectly keeps your body healthy.
  1. Sharpen Focus and Enhance Motivation: The brain loses its vitality as we age. Consequently, maintaining focus and motivation becomes a harder endeavor. By re-energizing the brain with the supplement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can stay focused and motivated for a longer period of time.

Well, there was no doubt that the content in the loss of brainpower section on the Geniux webpage was informative. The benefits were not absurd, unlike the benefits shared by the previous websites I had bought supplements from. They did not promise anything extraordinary, just the marginal improvements I have come to expect from a truly efficient brain supplement. Not convinced yet, I had to check through the benefits of using the product.

Genius Side Effects and Benefits

UPDATE: We recommend Formula Focus instead of Geniux. Why? Is simple. Same effects as geniux but with a better price. Why pay more? lol

What is Geniux promising with their brain supplement? Einstein or Mozart’s level of genius or simply hampering the negative consequences of brainpower loss?

I was not exactly moved by the claims of thousands of satisfied customers or the fact that Geniux claimed that the use of the product did not cause any side effects. Geniux Brain Boost has only being available for months and there is no way to confirm that there aren’t any long-term side effects. In addition, people react differently to the same substance. Nonetheless, knowing that there has been no report of any major short-term negative effect did put my mind at ease as I continued on my of Geniux review.

The benefits of Geniux Brain Boost Pill shared on geniux official website include:

  1. Enhanced Brain Performance
  2. Short and Long-term Memory Boost
  3. Sharpened Focus
  4. Boost Energy
  5. Improved Brain Health
  6. Enhanced Brain Reaction Time

While these benefits didn’t sound like a long shot, a few others did. Not necessarily because they sounded off, but because I didn’t count them as premium benefits to look forward to. Benefits like Improved Mood, and Clearer Mental Vision, General Improvement of Brain and Memory fell into this category of benefits that to me appeared like filler points to increase benefit count.

As expected, there were no constraints shared by Geniux. No complications to watch out for or anything like that. But then, Apple do not list on their sales page the inability of the iPhone to support the more common USB standard, which is obviously a disadvantage. In fact, most white-label products do not list disadvantages on their webpages.

So, I had to give them a pass one more time, and source out the possible constraints I could find out from genuine user reviews and other credible sources.

Possible cons of using Geniux drug:

  1. Not suitable for children and teens: Since major loss of brainpower does not begin until mid-20’s on average, there is no reason for those below the age of 20 to gulp down a brain supplement.

Of course, I found a few more effects that were not exactly beneficial. However, I felt these effects didn’t exactly belong in the cons list either. For example, the fact that people reported noticing effects at delayed times after taking the supplement rather than immediately as advertised on the Geniux website. This in my opinion is perfectly normal. Not everyone gets knocked out by the same volume of alcohol.

What Is The Cost Of Geniux Pill? Where Can You Get It?

The Geniux limitless pill wannabe is available in three price brackets.

  • 1 Bottle – $47
  • 3 Bottles – $29/bottle – $87
  • 5 Bottles – $19/bottle – $95

geniux review

I must say the pricing is a huge draw to get the Geniux brain supplement pill, especially with the fantastic discounts available when you purchase a pack of more than one bottle.

The supplement can only be gotten through the official website. It would have definitely made the product more accessible if it had been available on other offline locations and e-stores. However, that’s not my call to make. Although, it would be great if in the future Geniux allowed sales through other channels.

Besides the price, I was also particularly impressed by the fact that Geniux does not run any membership program. After pumping a lot of money down empty sales funnels and numerous credit card subscription issues, I now have developed a strong aversion for brain supplement products that require a monthly subscription from the outset.

If it works, I will buy more, no question about that. The fact that Geniux got this common-sense fact right did increase its appeal in my eyes. A $47 trial, though not completely affordable, was not exactly scandalous. Moreover, a $10 brain supplement doesn’t exactly sound like it would be doing much in anyone’s system. If it didn’t work, it’s not too difficult to just chalk it off, but if it did work, then there was definitely quite a deal to be had in ordering a pack of more bottles.

Slowly, I had begun to see the need to try the product at the very least. Truthfully, the Geniux Brain Boost is not perfect. There were a few quirks that may need to be corrected, but perfect products are an illusion.

If I hadn’t made my mind at this point to try the Geniux Brain Boost, then my next find would definitely have convinced me to do so. Geniux has a 20-day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. In other words, if the Geniux Brain Boost did not meet my expectations, I could return it anytime within 20 days after I had placed my order to get a refund.

To get a refund, all you have to do is call to request a refund. Information necessary to initiate a return will be provided and you will be given another 10 days—up to 30 days from the day you ordered to return the rest of the product. After completing the return process, you will get full refund minus shipping and a $5 restocking fee.

Trying the Geniux Pill

After carefully read the geniux reviews from their official website, the product’s benefits, disadvantages and opinion from those who used the product, I decided to try the Geniux pill. The affordable price and the generous 20-day money back guarantee provided the much-needed incentive to go ahead. I really had nothing to lose.

I made my order and received the product a few days after. After heaving a sigh, I took a few mouthfuls from the bottle and waited for the effects to kick in. On Geniux’s website they claim that you will notice effects immediately after taking the Geniux supplement, but it took about 35 minutes before I felt anything.

I chalked that to personal metabolism differences. It could have been faster or take more time with someone else, who knows. I was happy to have found a brain supplement that actually worked that it didn’t immediately matter how long it took before I noticed the effects.

I didn’t have any superman powers, but I certainly felt like I had more than enough drive to do something. Anyway… I continued using the Geniux Brain Boost and I began to notice improvements in my cognitive functioning after a week. Surely, it was nothing like the effects brought on by the magic pill in the movie Limitless, but I was able to concentrate better on tasks both at work and at home.

I did not notice any side effects, so Geniux’s claim was true after all. I did notice that I wasn’t able to sleep as easily as easily as I used to, but with the increased productivity, it was actually easier to maximum my time awake. It’s safer not to be carried away though, as long-term effects could very likely occur, so I only took as much as I needed rather than try to get as much punch as I could get by ingesting copious amounts of the brain boost supplement.

Several weeks down the line, and I finally had to strike “finding an effective brain supplement” off my bucket list. It was a satisfying trial and I have actually had to order more bottles to take advantage of the amazing discounts. I think I would place Geniux on my radar, so I would know if they developed any improved brain supplement in the future.

Conclusion of my Geniux Review

To be frank, the Geniux website will not win any design awards. The marketing text can be over the top in some places. As such, it is easy to tag the Geniux supplement as another snake oil supplement, and Geniux company as a scam business.

However, from my personal experience, Geniux pill deserves my unreserved recommendation. If you already read other geniux reviews you will see that everyone is saying geniux is a limitless pill lol.It’s not. That’s just a movie. Also, the benefits listed on the website may be a bit out of touch with reality, but it is definitely an effective supplement to give you a steady improvement of your brain’s performance, memory recall, focus and motivation.

UPDATE: We recommend Formula Focus instead of Geniux. Why? Is simple. Same effects as geniux but with a better price. Why pay more? lol

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Simplest way to build biceps for maximum results.

Flex a muscle. I didn’t even have to specify which one, now did I? Odds are, a hundred to one, that you just flexed your biceps. No matter who you are or what your goals in the gym happen to be, we all want bigger and better bis hanging out of our shirtsleeves. AndAHF is here to make sure you accomplish that aim – read on and you’ll be on your way to improved biceps in no time!

Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbells have a huge advantage over a barbell when it comes to curls, because each arm must work independently of the other. With a barbell, it’s easy for the stronger arm to “pick up the slack” for the weaker one. Over time, that often leads to one arm being noticeably larger than the other – never an attractive look. When it comes to developing your body – symmetry is king. Dumbbell curls also work both functions of the biceps: arm flexion (bringing the hand toward the shoulder) and hand supination (rotating the thumbs away from the body).

Begin with your arms hanging at your sides, palms facing in. Curl one arm up while gradually rotating your hand so that your palm is facing your shoulder at the top of the rep. Lower slowly, reversing the twisting motion so that your palm finishes facing your body once more. Keep your torso upright and straight, and don’t “lean into” the working arm, because that shortens your range of motion. Repeat with the other arm, and alternate until you reach failure.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

One drawback to curling with free weights is that gravity always pulls straight down. Meanwhile, the motion of a curl is semi-circular. Because of this, both the bottom and top segments of a rep are far easier than the mid-point. Give 60-pound dumbbells to a beginner, and he could probably swing them up a couple of inches before getting stuck. The answer to this dilemma lies in incline curls. By altering the angle of your body, you “trick” gravity and get full tension on the biceps from the start.


The form is nearly identical to that of alternate curls, except your torso leans back. Curl up until your biceps are fully contracted. Due to the angle you are at, your hands should be nowhere near your shoulders at the top of the rep. You can use both arms at once until you reach failure, and then alternate arms in order to get another couple of growth-inducing reps. Let your biceps stretch down so that your arms hang straight toward the floor at the bottom of the rep; this ensures a full range of motion. You can vary the angle of the bench from set to set, or from workout to workout, to provide variety and fresh stimulation.

Concentration Curls

Studies have shown that we can generate greater force using one arm at a time than we can using both. To capitalize on this quirk of our neuromuscular system, include concentration curls in your biceps training. These curls are often the tool of choice for bodybuilders to finish off their biceps workouts. You don’t need to use a lot of weight either.

By using your inner thigh as a “preacher bench,” you can isolate the biceps and make sure it does 100 percent of the work. Start with your arm fully extended, braced up against your thigh so that there is no extraneous movement. Slowly curl up and flex the biceps with all your might at the top before lowering under control. This is a very effective movement for working the mid-point of a curl, and if there’s a biceps peak in your genes, concentration curls will definitely bring it out.

routines blast biceps

Part II – The other four tools to build your best body

Plateau Buster #3: Partials

The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, goes the old adage. And that probably best describes how partials training can chew up obstacles you face in the gym and propel you through to the next level of growth. Simply put, partials entail overloading small sections of the full range of motion (ROM) with more weight than you could possibly handle if you tried moving that same weight through the entire ROM.

Anatomy of Partials

You may be stronger at the top portion of a lift like overhead presses, squats or bench presses, but the weight you choose is always limited by how strong you are through the so-called sticking point, typically the weakest section in the ROM. But that’s not the case with partials, because you’ll be training above the sticking point, so you’ll be able to use more weight. By applying more force across a particular area than the muscles are typically accustomed to, the fibers will be stimulated to grow. The genius of this technique is that you can ultimately apply it across the entire ROM, one segment at a time.

Complete Benefits of Partials

Partials are best done inside a Smith machine where you have the benefit of safeties but you also have multiple levels built in to the machine to use as guides. (Hardcore lifters do them in something called a power rack, but the Smith works well, too.) You can choose the top portion of the range of motion, like the last 6 inches of the overhead shoulder press, or the middle sticking point, or even the bottom portion of the rep. That’s important to know because your gains will be limited to the particular ROM you train in, so over time, you’ll need to adjust the safeties and work all various parts of the full ROM. For the shoulder press, the full ROM starts with the bar just off your upper traps to a position in which your arms are fully extended.


Working It

Do partial-rep training early in your workout. Because partials are so intense, do them with only one bodypart at a time over the course of your training split, even if you train multiple muscle groups on a given day. It’s also a good idea to precede a partials day with a full rest day so that you’re fresh and ready to go.

Select the top third of the range of motion of a given move and insert the lower safeties on the Smith machine, which restrict your ROM. Compute your 10RM weight (the weight at which you can do just 10 reps with good form), and add 25% to that. Do two sets of 10 reps — the bar should be moving only about 6 inches. Lower the safeties another third of the ROM and reduce the weight back to your 10RM and do two more sets of 10 reps. Put the safeties all the way to the bottom of the ROM and do two more sets of 10 reps, working through the full ROM.

Partials: To Sum Up

  • Break down the full range of motion of a given movement into thirds.
  • Partials allow more force per square inch than standard lifting, especially when working above the sticking point. So take advantage and go heavier accordingly.
  • Doing partials only helps you at that particular angle, so it’s important that you work throughout entire range of motion.
  • The technique is best used on a Smith machine or power rack for safety and ease of varying angles.
  • Because they’re so intense, do partials early in your session.

Plateau Buster #4: Antagonist Sets

If it’s true that opposites attract, you’ll go crazy over this plateau breaker. You’ll see the benefits of this tactic in the mirror immediately after the first time you try it. While you may be familiar with the idea of doing two exercises back to back, this variation entails pairing exercises for antagonist, or opposing muscle groups. Research shows that a muscle is stronger if its antagonist is contracted immediately before it.

Anatomy of Antagonist Training

The reason behind the increase in strength of the second muscle group is because there’s an innate limitation of an agonist by its antagonist. In other words, during a few standard sets of bench presses, the back muscles inhibit the contraction of the chest to a degree. But if you precede the bench press with a set of wide-grip rows, it will lessen the inhibitory effect so your bench-press motion can contract with greater force. And this phenomenon can be applied to virtually every bodypart.

Perfect Pairing

For whatever bodypart you’re training, select an exercise for its opposing muscle group to perform first. If you’re doing leg extensions, precede the movement with some lying leg curls for hamstrings. Antagonist muscle group pairings include: triceps with biceps, quads with hams, back with chest, and shoulder exercises with other delt or back exercises (for example, pair front- and rear-delt movements, but choose overhead dumbbell presses with lat pulldowns).


Working It

You can add this plateau buster at any time during your training session. Some caution points on the first exercise: Do only a few light reps and don’t go to muscle failure. Instead, do 5–6 reps with a weight you could do for about 15, and use an explosive motion. Rest 1–2 minutes before doing the target exercise. After the rest period, ratchet up the weight on the focus bodypart and do a set of five reps with roughly 85% of your 1RM (that’s 85% of your one-rep max weight).

Switch It Up

The next training session where you pair two exercises together, switch the order in which you train, allowing the opposite muscle to reap the same benefits of the agonist/antagonist relationship.

Antagonist Sets: To Sum Up

  • Choose opposing muscle groups.
  • Try to select a move that’s the mirror image of the target move.
  • The target muscle will be stronger if its antagonist is stimulated prior so long as you choose a fairly light weight and do just 5–6 reps.
  • After a short rest, hit your primary target with a fairly heavy weight. Be sure to swap the order the next time you pair the two moves.
  • You can do this technique at any point in your workout, but since you’re strongest early in your training session, it’ll have more impact when done early on.

4 winning tools to build your best body ever I

Years ago, a friend and I were working together to prepare his physique for an upcoming acting role. As he was training, he said to me, “Jimmy, no matter what your dream is, keep digging. Most people stop digging 3 feet from gold. But if they’d only kept going … clank!”

His words stuck with me. And its message is relevant even in the gym. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You haven’t missed workouts and you’re dedicated to eating clean. But alas, you seem to have reached a plateau of sorts. And as you stand to catch your breath, you wonder whether or not your body can reach the next level. Well, this issue we’re offering you five tools that are sure to help you finally pierce through. So, let’s go. For all you know you could be 3 feet from gold. We’ll give you the tools; it’s up to you to keep digging.

Plateau Buster #1: Negatives

Most guys hear “negatives” and think about merely lowering a weight slowly. Not so fast. The negative tactic is much more than lowering the weight a little slower than usual. In fact, negatives have a dual purpose: They can be tailored to promote strength or size, with clear distinctions between them. Here we’re focusing on how best to use the negative movement to elicit quick and lasting changes in size.

Anatomy of a Negative

During a negative contraction, the muscle lengthens while it contracts as the load exceeds the force supplied by the muscle. This contraction occurs during the downward phase of your exercise, like when you’re lowering the bar on a curl, descending toward the floor during a squat, or resisting the bar as it approaches your chest on the bench press.

Turn a Minus into a Plus

The main reason you’d want to focus on negatives for building muscle is the mere fact that you can damage so many more muscle fibers during negatives than you can during the positive (concentric) phase. The better you can stimulate muscle fibers, the quicker you pierce through your plateaus. But most lifters ignore the negative portion because they typically end their sets when they can no longer lift the weight on the positive rep. Here’s the key: At that point, your muscles still have the ability to resist the weight on the negative rep.

training girl motivated

Get to the Point

Consider this scenario: You’re doing a set of bench presses and have chosen a weight that causes failure around eight reps. You’re struggling with six, then seven and finally —aaaargh! — eight. As you attempt another with a mighty effort, you simply can’t lift the bar past the first quarter of the rep, so you stop. This is the point of initial failure. That’s when negative-rep training begins for muscle building. Focus on resisting your working weight on the negative at the point at which you reach positive-rep failure.

Partner Up

Whatever exercise you choose, you’ll need an attentive training partner. He should be in a position that allows him full control of the bar. Because you’ve reached positive failure, you still have gas in the tank for a few negative reps but will need help lifting the bar on those concentric reps. Make sure he helps as much as possible — this isn’t forced reps — so that you can concentrate fully on the negative portion.

Best Exercises

Barbell exercises are great for negatives because you can work with so much more weight than with dumbbells and your partner can engage himself best when balance is less of a concern. Machines are also effective.

Working It

You don’t need full sets of negatives, but you can do 2–3 reps (resisting the weight for a full three seconds) following positive failure. This shouldn’t be done on every set, just the last 1–2 sets of each exercise suggested.

Negatives: To Sum Up

  • Negatives for size are best performed only after positive failure.
  • You can incur more muscle-fiber damage (and thus gains) with negatives than positives.
  • Do only a few negative reps and only on your last couple of sets.
  • Negatives are best done with barbell exercises.
  • To perform them properly, you’ll need a qualified, attentive partner.

super bodybuilder think with his brain

Plateau Buster #2: Max-Out Method

This max-out technique takes advantage of a phenomenon that occurs when you try to use a weight that’s heavier than you intended. Using a baseball analogy: The on-deck batter is practicing his swings with a weighted donut around the bat, making the bat feel heavier. By the time the batter steps to the plate donut-free, the bat now feels much lighter.

Anatomy of the Max-Out Method

The technical name for the max-out method is post-activation potentiation method, or PAP, which is (definitely) not to be confused with Pap, the women’s cervical screening test. It’s predicated on the idea of enhancing your performance of one exercise by preceding it with a heavier one. The mechanism works by tricking the central nervous system (CNS) as well as the target musculature into becoming stronger for a given weight.

What’s Really Going On?

You can feel the benefits of the PAP technique in just one workout. By front-loading a set by a heavier set of the same exercise, you’ll recruit a maximal number of muscle fibers to accomplish lifting the heavier weight. When you back off the resistance on the next set, you’re able to move the bar with greater power, much like the baseball hitter who now has a more powerful swing.

PAP Potential

Start by choosing an exercise using something close to your maximum weight — about 90% of what you can lift for one rep with good form on a particular exercise. After performing just 1–2 reps at that weight, rest 2–3 minutes, then reduce the weight. Choose a poundage you can do for eight reps, plus add 10% weight back on. The goal now is to do eight reps with a weight that’s 10% heavier than what you could previously do for eight reps. The other option is to use your eight-rep max and try for 10 reps. Either way, you’ll see immediate gains.

Best Exercises

The most effective way to incorporate the max-out method is to limit its use to multijoint exercises like bench presses, squats and bent-over rows, though you may feel safer doing the machine variations of those moves since you’re going to do a very heavy set. Because the technique is so demanding, you want to use major lifts that incorporate heavy weight. It’s simply more effective when working several muscle groups at once, even if you’re focusing on a particular bodypart. If you feel uncomfortable using a near-max load for an exercise like squats, use the technique with leg presses instead, where you’ll have more support.

fitness brain

Working It

Use the max-out PAP-technique sets early in your routine when your muscles are fresh.
After a sufficient warm-up with 2-3 sets of light weight on the leg press, hit your potentiation set (“the weighted bat”) for 1–2 reps, then take ample rest 2–3 minutes before doing a lighter working set of leg presses. Do up to three working sets, preceding each working set with a PAP set. Then add in other moves (without using the PAP technique) to balance out your routine.

Max-Out Method: To Sum Up

  • Think “on-deck hitter with weight bat” phenomenon.
  • You’ll feel the benefits immediately in the influence on your next set.
  • Use a load that’s about 90% of your 1RM for just a rep or two.
  • Drop the weight back down to your 8RM, rest a few minutes then shoot for eight reps with 10% more weight than usual.
  • Choose multijoint moves and do up to three sets early in your training session.

That’s the end of part I. Stay tooned for part II

How To Lose Weight and Keep it Off

So you want to lose weight. Great! So what’s it going to be? Drastically cut your calories to 500 a day? Eat only when you are absolutely starving? Not eat at all? Although it may seem like dramatic cuts in your food intake will lead to dramatic weight loss, you’ll find that if you cut your calories too low the only thing that you’ll succeed in is being miserable, hungry and slowing DOWN your metabolism?!?  Then you’ll find yourself right back at square one.

Not this time. This time make it once and for all: lose the fat, keep it off, and feel great!

By reducing your caloric intake below 1000 calories per day you are not doing your body any good!  You are basically telling your body to “hold on to that fat for dear life.” Your body is composed of many defensive mechanisms and when you cut your calories too low, your body releases fat at a much slower rate.  If you ask any fitness model about their diet, you would be surprised at the number of meals they eat per day- probably between 5 and 8!  You need to fuel your body for fat loss.


Fueling your body means providing it with the right amount and balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, etc. to function optimally, to get rid of unwanted fat, and to kick your metabolism into gear. Calorie levels below 1000 should be avoided, because they decrease metabolism and are usually hard to follow for any length of time! This type of unnecessary deprivation is a major cause of binge eating.

Where to Start

Ok. So you’ve decided. You’re going to lose the weight THE RIGHT WAY. How many calories should you start at? Well caloric needs for weight loss vary from person to person depending on age, gender, height, body composition, body frame and fitness level. Wow that’s a lot of variables!

But complex diet formulas are not what you need. Trust me, keep things simple. Here is a general rule of thumb for weight loss that makes for an excellent starting point:

Average 5’5 woman looking to lose 10 pounds or more: current weight (lb.) x 10 = # of calories
Average 5’9 man looking to lose 10 pounds or more: current weight (lb.) x 10= # of calories

Example- if you are a woman and weigh 160 pounds and want to lose 20 pounds: 160 x 10 = 1600 calories per day

Food Guidelines

Ok, so we’ve got a simple calorie guideline to start with. Now it’s time for food choices and preparation.

You should check out labels when shopping and become familiar with food portions, calories, fat, protein, and carbs so eventually you don’t need to scrutinize over numbers. Like the fitness models, you want to break your total calories down into 5-6 small meals during the day. Why?

This helps your body maintain a constant level of energy without dips and swings which lead to cravings, fat storage and binges. Small, balanced meals provide your body with a constant flow of nutrients!

The Golden Rule: Stay away from highly processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods, sweets, and high fat foods (6 days a week). These are deadly when it comes to weight loss–they do nothing for your body but store fat. Notice I suggested that you eat “clean” 6 days a week. Most successful weight loss plans have a ‘free day,’ one day per week where you can eat whatever you want. This helps in preventing splurges and the feeling of being deprived and also keeps our metabolism running at full steam ahead.

Your diet should consist of approximately 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat.

Good protein sources include: eggs/eggwhites, fish, lean meat, chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, protein powders. Good carbohydrate sources include: vegetables, fruits, whole grains and oatmeal.  Good fat sources: olive oil, flax, fish and olives.

Switch to lower (not non) fat food items like cheese, milk, meats, condiments. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day- stay away from soda and juices.

Plan ahead! Plan meals for when you are away from home, especially at work. This helps prevent temptations and ensures a balanced diet.

Example Meals

Each meal should be a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Example meals:

** ½ cup oatmeal
3 eggwhites/1 whole egg scrambled with 1 ounce low fat cheese

** 6 oz grilled chicken (cooked in 1 tbs. olive oil)
1/2 cup brown rice
1 cup steamed broccoli

** Meal Replacement Shake or Bar

Choosing Fat Loss Supplements

Supplementing your weight loss program with a fat burner may increase your fat loss results. There are literally hundreds of different fat burners on the market today. These include, but are not limited to, thermogenics, non-stimulants and carbohydrate blockers.

In the thermogenics category, the top products are better. Thermogenics are ephedrine based. These products yield the top results, but also have a possibility of various side effects. If you feel comfortable taking a thermogenic, start out slow so you can judge your own tolerance level to the product. Be sure to read and follow the label suggestions closely.

So you ask, which thermogenic of the hundreds available is best? Which is going to make me lean and mean again? All four I mentioned are excellent, but I would have to give the edge to this one. It is a time proven product, and based on customer reviews results have been outstanding.


Metabolic Thyrolean

The second category is non-stimulant based products. These products are ephedrine-free,and are therefore less risky as far as potential side effects are concerned. While they are sill effective, they will not give the same kind of results as the one above or other ephedra-based products.

Let’s Get Busy

Ultimately, those who are successful in losing the weight and keeping it off are the ones who stop making excuses and start making the necessary changes in their diets and lifestyle to guarantee success. Commit to your goals and you WILL make them happen!

Good Luck!

Thermogenic vs. Non-Thermogenic

When it comes to choosing a fat burner, what it usually boils down to is deciding whether to go with a thermogenic (stimulant) or non-thermogenic (non-stimulant) based product.

Thermogenics Work!

Thermogenic fat-burners and weight loss aides have blends of herbs and ingredients that stimulate your metabolism into ultimate fat burning mode. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ingredients:


        Ephedra sinica, also known as ma huang, is the plant most commonly used as a source of Ephedra in dietary supplements. The plant has long been used in China to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma. It has stimulant effects and promotes weight loss and an increase in energy in many individuals.



      Because of its chemical makeup, caffeine may enhance your mental focus and invigorate your body to better utilize fat. Most of us are familiar with that caffeine rush from a cup of coffee.


      Guarana is a South American plant used for endurance and energy for many years. It has become a popular energy-boosting ingredient as it may allow for greater energy output with exercise.


            Hydroxy citric acid is believed to help prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, and may        help decrease appetite.

Many people achieve great results with the aid of stimulant based fat burners. It gives them that extra push and the edge they need to stay on track with their exercise and nutrition programs. Staying mentally focused during your weight loss program is a huge factor in your long-term success. If you’re comfortable using stimulant-based products, then you might consider a potent fat burning supplement.ith the extra energy, you’ll very likely find that you have more intense workouts. This alone can help give you the physical edge you need to reach your goals. Thermogenics have other important properties as well, and many people find that they help control cravings and suppress the appetite so that not only are you working out harder and burning more fat, but you’re also eating less calories. It’s double-barrel weight loss!

There are many effective thermogenic products on the market. Many people have had great fat loss success using these products correctly.

You also have to realize that every individual is different. Some people will have slightly better results with one than with the other. Either way, you really can’t go wrong in terms of these two products and their fat burning potential. If this the first time you’re using a thermogenic supplement, I suggest you to start short because you can start your program and assess your tolerance with a very small dose.

Please note: with any thermogenic product it is important for you to assess your tolerance by starting with no more than half the recommended dose and seeing how you feel. You can gradually work your way up to full dose if and when appropriate.

Thermogenics Are Strong Supplements

You need to be cautious. Thermogenics are strong supplements; that’s one of the reasons they work so well. You need to be aware that there can be a down side to using thermogenic based fat burners.

Some people report side effects associated with the increase in energy provided by thermogenics. They feel jittery, nervous, or have difficulty sleeping. Always follow the suggested use guidelines closely and read the warning label thoroughly prior to beginning use of a stimulant based fat burner.

Deciding whether to use a thermogenic or not is a highly individual thing and is a choice only you can intelligently make. If a cup of coffee has you completely flying off the walls, or has your heart racing, then chances are that a non-thermogenic fat burner would better suit your needs.

Non-Thermogenics Can Also Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals!

While non-thermogenic, or non-stimulant containing, weight loss aides are not quite as powerful as stimulant based supplements, they can over time definitely help you get rid of unwanted fat and reach your fitness and physique goals.

There are many solid non-thermogenic supplements on the market.

A product that deserves special mention in this category is the one who contains a unique blend of ingredients that stimulate the thyroid gland, the center of your body’s metabolism.


Technically, this product works on all three areas involved in your body’s metabolism. In the thyroid, it improves the conversion of thyroid hormones, which means simply that more active hormones are working for you instead of against you. It also assures that the liver does NOT regulate your metabolism downward, which is common during any type of diet and the main reason why most people stop losing weight. Finally, in the brain, the product provides the necessary substrates to build neurotransmitters-without the need for calories. The final result is that your metabolism remains elevated, with a positive effect on metabolism, calorie-burning and fat loss. You lose weight and feel great!

The Decision is Yours

If you’re concerned about using a stimulant based fat burner, try a non-thermogenic. If you’re looking to try a thermogenic, consider starting with a different product and increasing your intake up to the full dose slowly over time. Give your body the supplemental support it needs to optimize weight loss.

Good Luck and let the fat burning begin!

Note: all weight loss supplements work optimally in conjunction with a proper exercise and nutrition program. You should seek the advice of a physician before starting any supplement program.