Zyntix Reviews – Don’t Buy Before You See Side Effects

Let’s face it, performance issues in the bedroom is something that cuts across men of all ages. I mean, I’ve heard and seen my fair share. And in all this time, I never imagined I would be one to share such a tale. But hey, you know how these things go—it can happen to anyone. Everyone wants to hear his girl sing his praise when he’s unleashed upon her in the bedroom, and this has been the case for me until a few months ago when I felt a serious decline in my sex drive. Having sexual issues at such a young age was not something I envisaged at all, and it sure did hit me hard.

Of course, alongside my decreased libido was erectile dysfunction, and I sure wasn’t having a good time at all. I mean, you don’t expect me to run to the monastery and become a monk at the age of twenty-nine, right? So hey, I pulled myself together and got my ass moving. Now, I must say I was initially wiry in my search for freedom—I was afraid of taking the wrong thing, and so I asked my friends for recommendations and one of them recommended Zyntix to me. Of course he went on to rave about how the supplement had helped his situation with dealing with sexual problems, but I was skeptical at first till I tried it.

I understand how a lot of people might be reticent, especially when it comes to sexual issues and things that have to do with manpower. But if by chance you’re suffering from such a problem, I would definitely suggest you use this product as it’s been wonderful! I’m indebted to my friend, Tony, till this day—he’s a life saver!

Natural vs. “Real” Pills?

While there is several on-going research to uncover the reasons behind erectile dysfunction, a whole industry has been built on treating this problem by several pharmaceuticals and natural supplements on the market. Of course there is no doubt that products like Viagra work, however, such products come with a long list of side effects. But what about natural alternatives? Do they work just as good, or better, and without the side effects? Which would you rather use?

How Zyntix Works

You may be wondering how Zyntix works. This natural supplement works basically by increasing the testosterone levels in the body. Let me put this simply—just as there are veins in other parts the body that carry blood, there are also such blood-carrying veins in the penis. Due to aging and other factors, however, these veins get old and weakens out, hereby failing to support good blood circulation. This, in turn, makes it next to impossible to achieve and maintain erections. This is where Zyntix comes in.

The ingredients contained in it basically help in strengthening the veins and improving the capacity to hold more blood, hereby boosting the flow of blood in the penile chambers. This simply translates to the ability to get stronger erections, and for a longer period of time. It is also worthy to note that Zyntix is an all-natural product. It is not an illegal anabolic steroid, and it helps to improve the body’s ability to product testosterone. Put simply, if you’re having issues with staying hard, or even getting an erection in the first place, Zyntix is just what you need.

Zyntix Ingredients

Bioperine: This is one of the ingredients of Zyntix. It is a herbal component that is instantly absorbed in the blood, and it not only instantly boosts your energy and stamina, but also your erections.

Saw Palmetto: This is a common ingredient of male enhancement supplements, and it basically improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Saw Palmetto will improve the state of your sex life.

Lepidum Meyenii is an uncommon ingredient. It is not as well-known or widespread as some of the other ingredients of Zyntix. It basically improves cognitive ability, as well as supporting energy and stamina levels.

Tongkat Ali: This is an ingredient geared towards stimulating the production of testosterone in the body. It can act as a catalyst to stimulate the production of testosterone in the body. Tongkat Ali is an important ingredient that eliminates the hassle of premature ejaculation, intensifying performance in the bedroom.

Nettle extract is also a testosterone booster. It acts as an aphrodisiac, boosting sex drive and libido.

Panax Ginseng is an ingredient used in many different enhancement formulas. It helps in improving sexual drive and libido for a better overall arousal. Panax Ginseng helps in increasing sperm count, as well as the speed at which your sperm moves.

Epimedium also improves blood circulation in the genitals, in turn improving the girth and length of your penis, making sex more pleasurable by the day.

L-Arginine is an amino acid aiding in the production of the nitric oxide needed to improve blood flow. Proper blood flow is required for holding an erection and maintaining arousal. L-Arginine also helps improve virility.

Mucuna Gigantea is another ingredient of Zyntix that gives stamina and sex drive, increasing your partner’s satisfaction. Like Panax Ginsend, Mucuna Gigantea also helps in speeding up sperm, in turn, increasing the likelihood of conception.

Benefits of Zyntix

Zyntix offers a plethora of benefits such as;

  • Improving sexual drive and libido. Zyntix raises desire and passion, and gives energy.
  • Giving harder and longer erections
  • Increasing power to eliminate premature ejaculation, and giving stamina to boot.

Let’s face it, a man with stronger erections and pumps can perform better in bed, and this spreads to a boost in other day-to-day activities. So, Zyntix not only improves your sex life but can also have a big effect on your self-confidence.

Zyntix Cons

If you are an 18-year-old or younger, Zyntix is not for you. At that age, other things being equal, chances are you already have a good-enough sex drive and there’s no need to boost your sexual health because you’re already fine. Using a product such as this can disturb the natural order of hormone function in your body, and this imbalance can create many problems.

Also, if you’re already using a male enhancement product, then there’s no need using Zyntix. If, however, you still feel the need to use Zyntix, then you should definitely seek the opinion of a healthcare professional. Whether it’s with Zyntix or not, it’s important to always ask the opinion of your caregiver as doctors are there to guide you on health-related issues, and you should value their opinions strongly.

When to Expect Results?

Following the recommended dosage (which will be discussed subsequently), you can expect to start getting better erections and seeing overall improvement within two, three weeks.

How to Use Zyntix (Dosage)

It is extremely important to follow the recommended dosage if you want to get the desired results. The dosage is as follows:

  • Take two pills of Zyntix every day. Never take the two at the same time.
  • There must be at least an 8-hour gap in taking the pills.
  • You may take one after breakfast in the morning, and the other after dinner at night (at least eight hours later).

Zyntix Side Effects

Zyntix is an all-natural product, and as such has no side effects. The aforementioned ingredients of Zyntix are clinically approved to help combat sexual performance issues and bolster sexual health without any side effects. However, used wrongly, it can hamper your health and cause hormonal imbalance or worse, so it is important to follow the recommended dosage. It is a male-only product, and if expired, do not use. When in doubt, contact your healthcare provider.

My personal experience with Zyntix

Going from erectile dysfunction and low libido to improved sexual strength and stronger erections has been massive for my sex life. My wife is happier—she says it’s as if we’ve time-travelled back to the early days—I literally am younger and stronger because of Zyntix. Using it only twice a day, I’ve been able to transform my sex life massively. I am now happier and way more active because of Zyntix Male Enhancement. I’m very happy to have been able to transform my sex life and please my wife the way I never through I’d be able to.


Zyntix Male Enhancement is an all-natural product that has just what you need to turn your sex life around. Whether you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or low libido, this product provides the necessary nutrients to revive your love and sex life.

Where to Buy Zyntix

The Zyntix product can be bought from the official Zyntix website. And if you are still in doubt, you can take advantage of the free trial offer available on their website before going on to procure your monthly supply.

Simplest way to build biceps for maximum results.

Flex a muscle. I didn’t even have to specify which one, now did I? Odds are, a hundred to one, that you just flexed your biceps. No matter who you are or what your goals in the gym happen to be, we all want bigger and better bis hanging out of our shirtsleeves. AndAHF is here to make sure you accomplish that aim – read on and you’ll be on your way to improved biceps in no time!

Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbells have a huge advantage over a barbell when it comes to curls, because each arm must work independently of the other. With a barbell, it’s easy for the stronger arm to “pick up the slack” for the weaker one. Over time, that often leads to one arm being noticeably larger than the other – never an attractive look. When it comes to developing your body – symmetry is king. Dumbbell curls also work both functions of the biceps: arm flexion (bringing the hand toward the shoulder) and hand supination (rotating the thumbs away from the body).

Begin with your arms hanging at your sides, palms facing in. Curl one arm up while gradually rotating your hand so that your palm is facing your shoulder at the top of the rep. Lower slowly, reversing the twisting motion so that your palm finishes facing your body once more. Keep your torso upright and straight, and don’t “lean into” the working arm, because that shortens your range of motion. Repeat with the other arm, and alternate until you reach failure.

Incline Dumbbell Curls

One drawback to curling with free weights is that gravity always pulls straight down. Meanwhile, the motion of a curl is semi-circular. Because of this, both the bottom and top segments of a rep are far easier than the mid-point. Give 60-pound dumbbells to a beginner, and he could probably swing them up a couple of inches before getting stuck. The answer to this dilemma lies in incline curls. By altering the angle of your body, you “trick” gravity and get full tension on the biceps from the start.


The form is nearly identical to that of alternate curls, except your torso leans back. Curl up until your biceps are fully contracted. Due to the angle you are at, your hands should be nowhere near your shoulders at the top of the rep. You can use both arms at once until you reach failure, and then alternate arms in order to get another couple of growth-inducing reps. Let your biceps stretch down so that your arms hang straight toward the floor at the bottom of the rep; this ensures a full range of motion. You can vary the angle of the bench from set to set, or from workout to workout, to provide variety and fresh stimulation.

Concentration Curls

Studies have shown that we can generate greater force using one arm at a time than we can using both. To capitalize on this quirk of our neuromuscular system, include concentration curls in your biceps training. These curls are often the tool of choice for bodybuilders to finish off their biceps workouts. You don’t need to use a lot of weight either.

By using your inner thigh as a “preacher bench,” you can isolate the biceps and make sure it does 100 percent of the work. Start with your arm fully extended, braced up against your thigh so that there is no extraneous movement. Slowly curl up and flex the biceps with all your might at the top before lowering under control. This is a very effective movement for working the mid-point of a curl, and if there’s a biceps peak in your genes, concentration curls will definitely bring it out.

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